DIY plumbing repair appears to be an efficient and money-saving at first, but it can turn into the exact opposite especially when you don’t really know what you’re doing. Some repairs are easy indeed for examples replacing a faucet, cleaning the shower drain trap, or unclogging kitchen sink. Other problems such as cleaning the P-trap, replacing broken pipes, or connecting dishwasher to the kitchen sink is significantly more difficult and best left professional plumbers. Many (if not most) DIY plumbers actually end up calling a professional anyway because they make more mess than when they started. Lack of understanding on how plumbing systems work leads to bigger issues that cost more money to repair. Assuming they call professional in the first place, they don’t need to waste time and more money than they should.


Another thing to consider when repairing water fixtures or any other plumbing products is warranty. A lot of companies offer warranty against manufacturing defects and even malfunctions for a limited time. You can notice any defects as soon as you receive the products, but it can take weeks or months to detect signs of malfunction. Those companies will not honor warranty unless you call a licensed professional plumber to do the repairs. If you try to fix it, warranty is void. In case the products (e.g. faucet, dishwasher, pipes, garbage disposal, water heater, etc) need replacement, you will want to use the warranty offer.

Problems with DIY

No matter how small or easy the plumbing task is, it still takes times and efforts. Most people may assume that it will take about an hour or two for simple repair, but it can go way beyond that for DIYers. The problem is that they must learn about the procedures first, watch a number of instructional videos, read user manuals on the tools, and then start the job. Even then, they will go back and forth between the job and instructional videos. A professional can start to work right away and complete the task in less than an hour, compared to a DIYer who needs more than 2 hours only to learn the basics. If you can make $30 an hour and spend 5 hours to repair a leaking faucet, hiring professional plumbing service is best.

Safe Repair

The most efficient way to repair your plumbing problem is by calling professional plumbing service. Only choose a licensed and insured company to make sure you get the best service. All plumbers need to undergo multiple training courses before they are considered professionals. In many states, plumbers are required to acquire license and purchase insurance as well. When a plumber is licensed, he has met all the necessary requirements and standards set by the authorities.